Communication is one of the most important aspects of life today. Magic Tel has introduced unlimited calling plans for clients across Iran. We understand the need to stay connected and hence our plans can complement your personal as well as professional needs. Our unlimited calling plans work with all kinds of phones – residential as well as mobile phones. Regardless of where you call, we have a flat rate per minute for all kinds of phones. At the moment, we serve numerous countries across the globe, with many more joining the bandwagon. Typically, you will have to pay one monthly rate in order to gain access to these calling plans. Even if you prefer traditional phone services, these unlimited calling plans can turn out to be a good deal.

These days, people have started abandoning their home phones and are now using only mobile phones. With all the Magic Tel services, you will have one phone number. There no pin numbers involved and there are no recharge cards required. As soon as your account balance is over, the account is automatically recharged, eliminating the need to recharge or load your account. Magic Tel is known for its flexible prepaid calling plans. From corporate accounts, business set ups to personal plans, we have everything to compliment your calling needs.

Over the years, Magic Tel has managed to build a reputation for itself, combining quality at affordable rates. The market is flooded with VoIP based calling plans today, however voice quality is the only aspect that separates Magic Tel from the lot. Besides, the company owns its own hardware, without having to outsource to different companies. The company employs the best equipments and the latest technologies to meet the needs of its consumers.

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