Founded in 1998 based in Los Angeles, California, is considered one of the largest prepaid long distance service provider in United State. Magic Tel serves approximately 50 percent of the calling card market, and issues over million long distance minutes every month.

Ten years ago, magic Tel's founders began with one main objective in mind: to provide newcomers in United State with affordable, high quality and reliable prepaid calling products to keep in touch with friends and family in their home countries.

Since the company's launch in 1998, Magic Tel has largely expanded its product and service offerings over and above the prepaid calling market. Over the past decade, Magic Tel has grown to be among the best in the long distance calling card industries and continually strives for excellence in all business endeavors. Magic Tel is the company in the telecommunications industry that maintains full control throughout all processes, without any need to outsource to additional companies.

Magic Tel owns the complex back-end infrastructure needed to supply all end consumers with a complete solution from start to finish in all communication services.

No matter what the product or service, Magic Tel is committed to providing you with exceptional quality, convenience, and affordability, and aims to be the company of choice for all of your telecommunications needs.


Magic Tel's mission is to provide single source telecommunications-based products and services to consumers worldwide which are convenient, cost effective, and of the highest quality.

In order to achieve this goal, Magic Tel applies vertical operating principles supported by three fully integrated in-house divisions:

Marketing, sales and distribution; 24 hours and 7 days per week multilingual customer care department Calling card and marketing material design and production

Each division noted above uses all of the latest technologies and equipment which provide Magic Tel with the flexibility and power to deliver services specifically designed and created to suit the wants and needs of consumers. The end results are user-friendly, easily accessible, and cost effective communications products and services supported by a well-trained and fully integrated team.


Magic Tel's marketing and sales division is the frontline sales and marketing department for all of company's products and services. Company develops and implements marketing programs and distribution strategies for US's best-selling lineup of prepaid phone cards and long distance services.

Magic Tel's superior distribution processes, programs, and policies are specifically designed to accomplish:

  • Tight control
  • Strong target market penetration capabilities
  • Excellent management and monitoring of all aspects of the process
  • Cooperative team work
  • Timely and reliable delivery of all products
  • Ability to target 100% of existing qualified and relevant merchants
  • Regular visits to merchant account locations
  • Comprehensive discount and pricing structures
  • Thorough sales tracking and close measurements of results
  • Continuous analysis of product distribution in various markets
  • Flawless order fulfillment and support mechanics for all merchants

We concentrate our efforts on the creation and development of telecommunications-driven products which integrate Switched Debit Platform Services with Interactive Voice Response, Internet, e-Commerce and other enhanced applications.

The enhanced structure of Magic Tel's marketing, sales, and distribution channels are what place it light years ahead of its competitors. With our unique and highly specialized programs, we are able to offer superior products in a timely, organized fashion, at very competitive prices.

MagicTel is a prepaid international long-distance service. It has all the convenience of a inexpensive international calling plan without the inconvenience and gimmicks of calling cards or the fees associated with traditional home calling plans. MagicTel uses Automatic Numerical Identification (ANI) Recognition technology so that callers don't have to enter a PIN each time they make a call.

Why is MagicTel a superior long distance service?

MagicTel is an international long distance service that gives you ONE LOW RATE from all phones, home and cell phone without entering a PIN.
Unifies all your long distance calling needs into ONE ACCOUNT.
Easy sign up and immediate activation of account, without hassle of switching long distance phone companies.
MagicTel is a SMART CALLING CARD that automatically recharges your account so you do not need to keep purchasing calling cards to make international long distance calls.
Low International long distance rates, inclusive of all fees and taxes, no hidden charges of any kind!! Unlike your typical calling card!

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