Magic Tel Phone is an IP based telephony service. Magic Tel Phone can also operates over the internet – through an Internet Protocol (IP) address which is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service so that involves the transmission of voice over the Internet and other IP packets.

Magic Tel Phone is a Pay-as-You-Talk VoIP service. You can enjoy all of the features and benefits of VoIP without a monthly bill – our customers only pay for what they use. With Magic Tel Phone there are:

  • NO connection fees
  • NO contracts and commitments
  • NO preset monthly bills
  • NO credit card requirements
  • NO hidden fees

Magic Tel Phone services are available worldwide and give consumers the ability to take control of their phone usage and most importantly, their payments. Included in Magic Tel Phone's numerous VoIP features are:

  • Caller ID by number and name
  • Call transfer
  • Call filter
  • Caller ID block
  • Do not disturb
  • Missed call dial back
  • Speed dial
  • Wake up call
  • Anonymous call reject
  • Fax line
  • Worldwide local number
  • Phone book
  • Call history
  • Web portal


1. Magic Tel Minute Plan

  • No upfront deposit required, simply pre-pay for the amount of minutes you wish to use
  • Preset long distance rates remain the same, regardless of your physical location in the world
  • Use this as your long distance system in over 65 countries worldwide, when you do not have an internet connection or access to your Magic Tel Phone

2. Magic Tel World Number

  • Area codes are a thing of the past because you can obtain a local phone number anywhere you wish in the world Example: You live in Los Angeles and your family lives in Toronto. You can purchase a local Toronto phone number that will ring to any phone number of your choice in Los Angeles. Your family will call the local Toronto number (avoiding all long distance charges) to reach you.

VoIP communications are far more convenient and cost effective than regular phone lines. With Magic Tel Phone you can enjoy many added features specifically designed to save you time and make your life easier.

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